Juniperus oxycedrus

plantation: Alvelal, España


Family: Cupressaceae
Common names:
Type of foliage: Evergreen
Life expectancy: 80 years
Total weight of CO2 captured: 60 Kg
Height: 15 m


The Juniperus oxycedrus, or Spanish juniper, is a remarkable evergreen tree native to Spain and the Mediterranean. Its adaptability in challenging environments makes it a symbol of strength and resilience for memorial tree planting. This choice not only offsets carbon footprints but also creates a lasting emotional connection between funeral homes and grieving individuals.
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Usefulness of the tree

The Juniperus oxycedrus species in Spain serves various purposes. Its adaptability to arid and rocky environments makes it valuable for stabilizing soils and preventing erosion. Additionally, its wood has been traditionally used for crafting items and producing essential oils. In the context of memorial tree planting, it symbolizes strength and resilience, providing comfort to grieving families while also helping offset carbon footprints.
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